Meet Vørding, born and raised in Amsterdam with a love for gin and a passion for perfection. So after a long tradition of drinking gin, he began to search for his own perfect recipe. With basenotes of orange, juniper and cinnamon, and the light smokey and rich flavour of toasted cedar wood to give the gin its distinctive character.

And so Vørding was chopping and toasting in his kitchen to get the perfect cedar wood chips.

The result is a silky smooth Dutch gin, founded in Amsterdam and proudly distilled in Schiedam. The perfect drink in a cocktail or straight in your glass. And those toasted cedar wood chips? They’re still chopped and toasted by hand in Vørding’s own kitchen.


While being a rich blend of the purest botanicals, Vørding’s Gin has four key ingredients to give it that sophisticated taste; orange, juniper, cinnamon and toasted red cedar wood. Cedar is a tall coniferous tree known for its distinctive fragrance and taste. All ingredients are carefully selected and the cedar wood is chopped and toasted by hand to release the aromatic oils, which said to work warming and relaxing. After infusing and filtering they give Vørding’s Gin its light smokey identity and rich golden color.

With its silky smooth taste, Vørding's Gin can easily be enjoyed both in cocktails or straight in your glass. It makes a great after dinner digestive and when used in a classic dry martini, gin-tonic, or negroni you can expect some serious party in the mouth.

Although there is no such thing as the perfect gin-tonic, Vørding sure has a recommendation about how to make one. Fill up a glass with ice cubes, add one part of gin and two or three parts of a soft and premium tonic water.

Stir gently and garnish it with a slice of sweet red apple and a stick of cinnamon for a full and warm taste.

For a lighter and fresher taste garnish it with a lemon peel and a few crushed cardamom pods.

Other flavours that combine well when making cocktails are cardamom, cucumber, dark chocolate, ginger and dark red fruits such as blackberries and cherries.

iwsc silver-outstanding large.png

The year after it's release, Vørding's Gin won a prestigious silver outstanding award in the International Wine and Spirit Competition. A true cherry on top on our successful first year.

The London based judges wrote down the following tasting notes: "Zesty peel and citrus and sappy juniper on the nose. On the palate citrus and lemon notes, followed by light smokey cedar. Spicy verbena and coriander on the finish."

THE design

The combination of the glass bottle - a modern interpretation of the classic pharmacy bottle - and the premium natural cork, gives Vørding's Gin a distinguished and sophisticated appearance. A great moodlifter for any design conscious cocktail connaisseur.

Wrapped around the bottle is a soft textured all-white label with light and clean typography. Each bottle is marked with it's own unique number counting up to no. 550 per batch, and is filled, labelled and packed by hand.