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To Vørding, aesthetics are just as important as the taste. The sophisticated design combined with an exquisite taste, make Vørding's Gin and Genever more than the sum of their parts.

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A great moodlifter for any design conscious cocktail connaisseur

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Wrapped around the bottle is a soft textured all-white embossed label with light and clean typography. Each bottle is marked with it’s own unique number counting up to no. 550 per batch, and is filled, labelled and packed by hand.

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The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details.

1. Stopper

Contributing to the bottle’s distinctive look, this custom shaped natural cork has a silky smooth touch while ensuring a proper sealing.

2. Curves

Voluptuous in all the right ways, this bottle has curves that would give Scarlett Johansson a run for her money.

3. Minimalism

Unlike most spirits, with its minimalist aesthetic approach, Vørding's is not trying to stand out. Which is exactly why it stands out.

4. Bottle

This modern interpretation of a classic pharmacy bottle accentuates Vørding's constant striving to find the most exquisite harmony of flavours.


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